Our God Is Faithful!

My husband and I got married in February 5, 1994 to the glory of God.  We were now looking forward to having our own children but months turned into years without a child not even conception.  In the process we went from one medical exam to another, while we were still praying and standing on the word of God (He says having done all to stand).

At one of the Agape fellowship we were told to start buying our baby things by faith because God was ready to move which I did, we also continued in prayer and fasting

(Mathew 17 vs. 21) not to long after God intervened and on the 8th day of November 2003 we were blessed with a beautiful Baby Girl “Ehima” after almost ten years of being married.  Indeed the Lord makes all things beautiful in His own time.  I give Him all the glory.

Agape, Bolaji Egede-Canada