My Testimony

I just want to thank GOD for how faithful and loving He has been to me.  We can never know how mighty and gracious HE is, till we realize that all you’ve got is just Him.  As an International student at Guelph University, we are not allowed to work off campus additionally we have limited chance to get jobs on campus.  At the beginning of last year I made a promise to GOD that I will illegally and that meant that he will always provide all my needs.  It so happened that at the beginning of the summer I got laid off from my work place as my professor was unable to get me a grant to pay my fees.  I was sad but thank God I was not bitter, because I believe when there is smoke probably it is a sign to alert every one that my house was on fire.  I did not know what to do, I had no rent and food.  But that did not shake me as much as not coming back to school this semester because I had a debt of 8,000 Canadian dollars.

I started trusting GOD for another job.  But this time my focus was in Britain.  My friend had mentioned to me earlier on, That British government had opened an opportunity for international students from common wealth countries to go and have working experience basically in any field.  I had nothing in mind in terms of what I wanted to do, but I knew it was my Door.  I applied for working holiday Visa and from my tax returns I paid my ticket to Britain on 5th of June 2004.  I lived with friends who were strangers before we met, but became good friends and a family by the time I was coming back.  I was able to work in a cancer patient hospital.  I paid my school fees.

I have learnt NOT TO TEST GOD ANY MORE BUT TRUST IN HIM ALL THAT I DO.  I have a desire to become a Doctor and if He walked with me this summer then he will carry me through School.  It humbles me just to know Him as GOD AND MY JEHOVAH.  Thank you very much and have a blessed time.