He Did It For Me

I made a very important decision 19 years ago that changed my life…

I accepted Jesus into my heart and my life to be my Lord and saviour.  In the beginning, when I accepted Christ, I did not realize what that decision truly meant.  I struggled with my “old ways”, realizing slowly that I had to put them aside.  As the Bible says in Mark 2:22, “you cannot put new vine into old wineskins”.  Now, I knew there was one particular habit / addiction that I needed and wanted to be free from…. That of smoking.  I had been a half a pack per day (if not more @times) smoker for a good 6-7 years when I became a Christian.

I struggled off and from 1983 (the year I accepted Christ) until 1991 to try and “kick the habit “, in my own strength.  And, believe me, it was a struggle!!! I would quite for a couple of weeks, or even a few months and I did this quite a number of times only to fall back into the old trap again.  “Only one more cigarette”, I would say, and that would surely lead to more and so on and so on…
I remember, as if it was yesterday, a very Special Day, back in 1991.  I prayed a prayer like never before…one, which I will never forget.  I had prayed in the past regarding this problem of “kicking the habit”, but obviously not an honest-to-GOD prayer and because I really did not want to give up cigarettes and probably couldn’t do it anyway, or so I thought.

But as I said this prayer was different, this time I asked The Lord to please take this desire to smoke from me.  And, guess what…… He Did!!!

I cannot begin to express with more words what He did for me.  It was truly a Miracle! I woke up the next morning, after having prayed that prayer of deliverance, the time I would normally be craving for a cigarette with my morning cup of coffee… but, not this tome! I actually felt like I had never, ever smoked in my life! I loathed the very thought of it! I felt such a freedom and peace! To think that My Lord loved me so much to deliver me from this habit.  And this is what we did….. He delivered me!!! You know, right then on the spot, that particular morning way back in 1991, I realized what an Awesome GOD I served…that with Him nothing, absolutely nothing was impossible.  I had an addiction, and it is gone, because of Him and because of that Honest-to-God, heartfelt prayer I gave up to Him many, many years ago.

I cannot begin to tell you how this makes me feel to be able to share this makes me feel to be able to share this massage of Hope and Deliverance.  Addictions come in many forms, and smoking is definitely one of them.  I guess my message to you is this……

My strength comes from Him and I cannot do anything without Him.  I struggled for years until I realized this.  Give everything over to Him.  He is just waiting for you to ask.  He will keep His end of the promise. 

He did for me!!!!!!!

In Christ

Donna Rolfe-Huismans Canada